Entrepreneurial Project Manager (North America)

· Remote, Remote
Employment Type Direct Contractor
Minimum Experience Experienced

Seeking a take-charge, self-directed person who is interested in managing a mini-team of developers and engineers dedicated to provide a mobile or web app solution to our Clients.  

This person should have an entrepreneurial mindset and consciously and subconsciously, act as if they have personal equity in the initiative’s success or failure. 

It is not “just a job” at NineTwoThree Digital Ventures - it is a lifestyle. Our Project Managers are mini-CEO's as they manage tasks, budgets, schedules, team building, documentation, customers, and most importantly - the product. 

Do you have the desire to manage multiple projects as an entrepreneur PM and will take the extra initiative and consideration to ensure its success?

This mindset of “personal ownership” is what sets a NineTwoThree PM apart from others. This mindset also drives the PM’s efforts towards setting higher standards for performance and achievement. 

Entrepreneur PMs realize the importance and centrality of their team’s effort and work to deliver great results. They know that while they themselves cannot perform all the tasks and roles on a project, they are ultimately responsible for its success or failure and the impact on its stakeholders.

At NineTwoThree you could be building a GPS navigation app, an app that monitors washing machines, helps mothers monitor their babies, or saving fish from getting caught in fan blades. You do not need experience in any of these industries - you just need to have passion and willingness to learn. 

✋ Experience ✋

2+ years of Project Management is a plus. However, if you managed a restaurant, ran a hair salon, were a party planner, started your own company, or any other job that shows you took risks - apply today.

💫 Responsibilities💫

  • Manage the development team and development team's time 
  • Assign specific members of the dev team to the tasks 
  • Oversee the designs of the product
  • Ensure the product quality, provide the project testing 
  • Manage project planning sessions, project scope, progress and timeline, adapt work as required
  • Schedule meetings with clients and stakeholders to clarify the scope/needs
  • Conduct project review for the clients and provide weekly reports
  • Create detailed reports for executive staff
  • Oversee all incoming and outgoing project documentation
  • Ensure the project is delivered within the scope and budget
  • Manage changes to the project (scope, schedule, and costs)
  • Establish and maintain relationships with third parties/vendors
  • Develop and manage a detailed project schedule and work plan
  • Create and maintain comprehensive project boards on Monday
  • Ensure the deadlines are kept and the project is on track
  • Manage project risks
  • Provide priorities to the project
  • Identify and develop new opportunities with clients
  • Manage customer satisfaction within the project transition period
  • Manage client request estimations
  • Manage the scope of maintenance and support
  • Conduct all necessary team meetings for development
  • Communicate with the clients through emails and calls 
  • Provide the weekly updates to the client
  • Communicate with the team through slack channels and calls
  • Keep all the project related files in google drive / Monday board
  • Participate in all the necessary meetings within the company

✔️ Requirements✔️

Must work in the EST time zone.

Interest in software development.

✔️ Additional Considerations✔️

You will be eligible to participate in the Paid Time Off Program (PTO) managed by 923 Digital LLC. Currently, no other fringe benefits are available for this position.

🎯 More details🎯

Readiness to work with the remote distributed team of high-class developers.

100% Remote Position


💲 Pay💲

$20 - $30 / hour.

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    Remote, Remote
  • Employment Type
    Direct Contractor
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